Why the $4.2 trillion wellness industry is important

The Global Wellness Economy

Have you ever wondered how your brand is contributing to the $4.2 trillion market?
How your weekly dancehall fitness sessions and personal training services are impacting the fitness and mind-body sector? Or thinking about how those lovely tasting ancient Caribbean concoctions are enhancing the complimentary and alternative medicine sector? Maybe you’re at the start of building your wellness brand and just need help increasing your confidence…

The ‘little you’ starts to question your vision even more and you’re now wondering:
-How can I even do this with a full-time job and take it to the next level?
-I need a team and have no professional network, how can one hand clap?
-Can health and wellness really help heal and rebuild my community?
-I’m ready to move, but where do I begin?

It starts with YOU!
It’s exactly right that you’ve come this far to explore how to give birth to the rise of your vision.
If you value legacy for generations to come, you’re energetic even when life events are at their peak and you truly understand the importance of collaborations, then we truly believe YOU have the qualities to nurture your wellness brand to rise to greater heights.

As a keen dance fitness and extreme activity charity fundraiser (melinated people DO bungee jumps AND sky dives too!!!) with over 20 collective years in the sport development, inclusive fitness & wellness industry and a wellness brand owner, our founder knows the feeling of attending professional industry events and seeing no one that looks like us and wanting to see more diversity across the sectors she had encountered like:

-Managing a dual use school health and fitness centre for students, staff and the wider school community.
-Transforming the experience of PE and after school clubs for disabled students disengaged in physical activities & often ‘left out’.
-Coordinating a multi-award winning inclusive fitness project engaging disabled people into fitness instructing helping the fitness industry to become more inclusive.
-Supporting people with mental health, physical disabilities, those going through rehabilitation to build their newly established brands in the disability fitness sector.
-More recently building the Noire Wellness brand where EVERYTHING we do is related to the rich traditions of Africa and the Caribbean.

One hand can’t clap, let’s grow!

Message from our founder:  To value legacy, is to learn and grow together. I share my journey with you so you get where my desire to comes from.  I have worked with so many brilliant wellness brands who have been recruited to help bring our Noire Wellness hubs for the community to life! I realised very quickly that I was helping brand owners to expand their thinking about what they were doing and just how much their offer impacted the lives of people.

The one common theme remains, and that is there are many wellness brands who are working in isolation which is having a detrimental impact on the very same people we are looking to help our community to become healthier and happier! It makes no sense!

There has been enough fads and trends that have come directly from natural industry influencers who perhaps don’t even recognise that they are! Many organisations ‘allow’ you to work for them to bring ‘flavour’ to their audiences and in some respects simply to tick the DIVERSITY box.

I want your WELLNESS BRAND to lead and truly bring balance to the fastest growing industry by gaining more confidence, creating more visibility and further gain recognition for your contributions to creating a healthier African and Caribbean community.  For more information on how to join our Strategic Partnership Group email info@noirewellness.com