The Relaunch: Project ReVIVE 2021!

As part of the long awaited Noire Wellness relaunch, Project Revive 2021 is being created to help revive the health and wellbeing of the African and Caribbean community living in North West London.  Following the pandemic of 2020 and continued lockdowns, Noire Wellness is dedicated to supporting the community to recover from this extraordinary time.

Community Wellness Hub, Harrow 2016

Project ReVIVE 2021 is funded by the Global Fund for Children/Phoenix Fund and targets people living with long term health conditions, including Fibroids and Dementia in the African and Caribbean community.  Through a carefully planned health education programme of online and in-person workshops (when possible), they have been designed to present informative and engaging physical activities, seminars and live demonstrations to help manage and reduce the effects both conditions.

To further tackle the disproportionate rates of inactivity and obesity amongst African Caribbean people, a physical activity campaign is also being launched.  The campaign is set to target 2000 people across the life course from North West London to get active!  Through offering culturally adapted physical activities, the campaign aims to further improve mental wellbeing whilst reduce the impact of inactivity during lockdowns.

To help launch the project Noire Wellness are recruiting volunteers to join the team as Project Officer and Social Media Officer. Watch this space for more details coming soon!

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