The Problem With Black Wellness

The global wellness sector is worth over $3 trillion dollars and has grown rapidly in the past decade. Remember when Mr Motivator graced our screen every morning in his tight bright pants?  We reminded to keep fit every morning, only to then go to the family gathering on Sunday to eat a whole heap of jerk chicken, macaroni with a nice helping of salad (oh and cool aid, supermalt or rootbeer!).

Growing up in West London meant that I was over joyed to be part of Miss Clarke’s dance club (if you know, you know!) in preparation for Nottinghill Carnival where we would dance for hours, HOURS until night falls and carried home by someone with some real good upper body strength. Knock down ginger to collecting conkers all autumn was some of the well known past times whilst growing up in the 80’s.

Over the years it has become very apparent that the leisure choices and wellness experiences of black people living in the UK has seemingly not experienced the same expansion and growth.  I have navigated my way through fitness, sports development, inclusive fitness and wellness inclusion to get to this point in my career.  There is a strong surge of wellness brands and companies amongst the black community across the UK and the globe.

Who is responsible for creating spaces for our children to play again? How long will we wait for the next round of statistics to tell us that black children have the highest childhood obesity levels in the UK? Maybe we wait for our fathers, god fathers, uncles, brothers to be diagnosed with prostrate cancer before we join forces to create transformative wellness spaces? Perhaps a live suicide video of someone from “the ends” who is battling mental health in silence?

As the saying goes, one hand can’t clap, so stop waving on social media and let’s get it.

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