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Shine Out Loud with Lillian Ogobogoh

Last month, we were super excited to be invited onto the Shine Out Loud Show with Lillian Ogobogoh.  This weekly  show celebrates Black, Asian and Mixed heritage creatives and founders across the globe.  Shine Out Loud focusses on those who are changing the landscape of their sector and stepping out into their own!  Take a listen and join the conversation.


Introduction: Lillian finds out how Noire Wellness started and what the ‘Black British Leisure Experience:  Cultural Identity, Choice and Constraints’ has to do with it.

Part One: Lillian gets straight to it and asks why there is a common perception amongst black women that wellness is for others.  Together Lillian and Candice explore what part the media have to play in deconstructing this notion and  the lack of trust in the western medical model.

Part Two: Lillian delves into the ways in which Candice is raising awareness about health disparities amongst African and Caribbean communities through Noire Wellness health campaigns and community wellness hubs.  Health education, national screenings and the need for culturally specific health and wellness programmes are under the spotlight.

Part Three: Lillian declares 2018 has been sponsored by wellness and further explores the unhealthy nature of social media and it’s impact on meaningful connections in transformative spaces.  They debate the controversies surrounding social interaction vs social media.

Part Four: Lillian and Candice reminisce on their first encounter at the black owned Eve and Grace Wellness studio in London’s up market residential area of Battersea South West London’s Lavender Hill.  Here, they offer solutions about how to make the wellness industry more diverse.

Part Five: Lillian moves onto learn about the struggles Candice faces managing her 13 year old son, Elijah Frederick’s young author journey who has recently published his debut fictional children’s book.  They talk about being true in the struggle, creating a legacy for future generations and healthy eating with BOYT.

#SoLoud Moment: In original Shine Out Loud style, Lillian discovered what Candice’s #SoLoud moment was and what meeting up with fellow wellness brand owners at Eve and Grace Wellness Studio does for the soul!







If you’d like the opportunity to Shine Out Loud with Lillian or know a founder or creative whose steeping out, why not drop her a email to explore further at


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