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Bringing Balance the Shine Out Loud way

Guest post by Lillian Ogbogoh, Creator and Host of Shine Out Loud Show,

We need balance in life whatever we do. If you hit any social media platform, there is an ongoing discussion about improving our wellbeing. With so many activities being suggested, there is a potential to suffer from wellbeing fatigue. So there is a need to find a balanced approach to our wellbeing practices.

“If it depletes you, then it is not nourishing you.” How do I help bring balance to my community?

I host a weekly interview-based podcast called the Shine Out Loud Show. I have featured a range of incredible wellbeing experts, whose focus has been on impacting women in the BAME communities. These experts are asking women to set healthy boundaries, to listen to their bodies, eat in a more mindful way, to take charge of their fertility and reproductive education. Also recommending an often overlooked piece of wellbeing practice, making time to rest and recharge.

A few noted guests were Le’Nise Brothers (a registered nutritional therapist, wellbeing coach and yoga teacher), Tamu Thomas (the founder of the Three Sixty Brand), Saschan Fearon-Josephs (the director and founder of The Womb Room) and Louise Sam (a medical herbalist and wellbeing coach).

About the author

Lillian Ogbogoh is a enthusiastic storyteller, show host, speaker, blogger and published author. She believes that owning one’s own story is powerful. She created, her first podcast called Waking Passions in 2009, which she
produced and hosted for 3 years on 2 different online platforms. The central focus of the show was to connect and interview coaches, trainers, and changemakers. Who used their passions to change the world, one person at a time. Lillian has spoken internationally at various women conferences and has been a coach and trainer around the area of
women empowerment and self-mastery.  Follow Lillian on Twitter @Lillianogbogoh and Instagram as well @Lillianogbogoh.