Noire Launch Series 2016


Our first pop up wellness club is based in the London borough of Harrow, West London.  We decided there was no better place to pilot our initial delivery in a place that is familiar and home to our newly established small team. 

We knew at the start of our journey that the location would be paramount to entering the growing wellness market and using our knowledge of the local area we were able to design the programmes to address specific needs and wants of the local community.

In 2015, we reached out to the community through our on-line survey and conducted a focus group interview with 12 participants of African and Caribbean heritage living in London.  During our research phase, it became clear very quickly that members of the community would be the most valuable resource in helping to shape our initial programme of services.  We believe the African Caribbean community have a voice, which we will continue to hear through continuous consultation.

Using our local fitness and sports development knowledge, our journey led us to nurture the growth of an emerging network of wellness professionals.  We spent some time actively seeking out professionals that represent the diversity of Harrow and neighbouring West London boroughs who have maintained their commitment to a healthier community. 

We strongly believe in promoting professionals who have the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will harness a wellness experience of African and Caribbean communities living in UK.

Over the past year, we have joined with key partners of to help us build long-term collaborations.  We strongly believe in working with organisations who share similar or matching objectives.  As the old Jamaican proverb goes:

“One hand can’t clap” – Jamaican Proverb

We have followed the development work of significant organisations like, The Lake Foundation and Harrow CCG / Successful Diabetes.  Partnerships with such organisations has further helped us to shape our programme to meet the health needs of the local community.

At this early stage in our journey, we believe we have a mixture of valuable elements to start sharing our vision of ‘wellness inspired by Africa and the Caribbean’.  With our heritage firmly placed in Africa and the Caribbean, our local knowledge, continuous insight, growing network and partnership development we welcome you to join us on our journey…