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Putting Down Plates and Finding Space

Guest post by Andrea Queens, AQ Arts,

One thing we learn as women is how to juggle! How to juggle multiple objects of various shapes and sizes. As if this wasn’t enough, we spin plates on our chin at the same time.  Complete Madness! The more we try and slow down the more waiting when we return. So how does anyone stay sane amongst all of this?

Firstly, put some plates down! Secondly have the audacity to say the two words of instant release, no and goodbye. Being brave enough to put yourself first is a difficult task especially if for Mothers and entrepreneurs. That said it’s vital that you, yes YOU and your team whether that be work or family, create pockets of space do something for yourselves.

That’s where AQ Arts operates in the world of women. Providing a place to shake it all off through dance. A space to slow…right…down….To check in and centre the body, mind and sprit with meditation… To be inspired and connect with others by listening to similar stories, getting lost inside a conceptual poetic verse or the fantasy of a live musician… Arts, wellbeing and fitness are paramount for releasing those natural endorphins and being in the moment.

It’s a blessing to create such environment. It’s also magical to see the effect it has on the women, young people, elderly people, mentees, volunteers and the men that use our services. To reduced ailments and see the change in someone’s posture. To feel an increase of confidence when they enter a room. What more could you want to give the world.

It is hard to give up that space. I know this. I’ve even had things be removed from my life to make space for the current, new opportunities and myself. With this instant and overloaded world we now live in it is imperative you have fun. It’s imperative you working on being well. To be well is a practice, it needs time and dedication. Sometimes it will flow and sometimes in needs planning.  We love how easy it feels to attend a class or event, have fun and go home.  That is what we recreate. Moments to be inspired, moments to distress and enjoy the now.

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About the author

Andrea Queens is a beautifully versatile artist. A Performer, Creative, Founder and Director of AQ Arts London.  This is where her arts leadership, teaching and personal creative work thrives. Working across the sectors community, education, corporate and private events. As a teacher and mentor Andrea works with some of the top dance organisations.  To find out more about teaching bookings and experience please visit AQ Arts website