Global Fibroids Alliance

When we first connected with Lake Health and Wellbeing in 2015, we were instantly intrigued by the they had conducted, entitled ‘Understanding the needs of women with fibroids’.   This research sought to understand the experience of African and African-Caribbean women with fibroids. This important work explored the needs of women with fibroids and determined if women had access to enough information and support.

The findings from this report resulted in fibroids being included in our first community wellness hub.  We were delighted to invite Abi Begho the founder of Lake Health and Wellbeing to deliver a workshop for guests.  With much of our work being focussed on helping to address health conditions that disproportionately effect our community, we knew health education related to fibroids would be an essential component to support sisters living with the condition.

Since then, we have launched the fibroid series, delivered health education workshops and collaborated on social media campaigns.  We remain committed to helping women to manage their long term health condition and improving health outcomes.   As such, we have had the pleasure of working with various organisations and practitioners who share our mission and learn more about the interventions and projects they implement to support sisters living with fibroids.

This month we were  super pleased to receive an invitation from Lake Health and Wellbeing to explore how different fibroid patient and community groups around the world could join together to create sustainable change for women across the globe.  With our trusted partners leading the partnership we were ready to join by any means necessary.

We are on the way to amplifying our voices collectively and would like to thank Lake Health and Wellbeing for leading the way.

Since publishing this blog we have together formed the new Global Fibroids Alliance.  More information can be found here.