Fibroids Chats with Lake Health & Wellbeing

The mental health of women living with fibroids and other womb health conditions is often ignored.

One of several recommendations to improve mental health is to get a support system.  Dr Kiri-an Bridgewater a gynaecologist based in Jamaica recently highlighted the connection between fibroids and mental health.  We realise women need physical spaces to receive therapy and reduce some of mental trauma experienced.  Since there is a lack in such spaces, we’re highlighting the on-line work of Lake Health and Wellbeing.

#FibroidsChat Twitter Debut

In January 2017, the former UK based organisation debuted their first #FibroidsChat on Twitter.  Hosting regular chats with leading health and wellness practitioners has since provided an invaluable platform for women.  Here they share tips, information and inspiration for women living with fibroids.

The #FibroidsChat forms part of their wider Fibroids Programme, which has grown to include expert advice, regular blogs, publications and a joint global campaign with us!  In providing an on-line support system for women who are unable find support elsewhere, we were really pleased to take part the #FibroidsChat in December 2017.  We welcomed the invitation to discuss what we’d learned from our very first wellness hub focussed on fibroids.

Chat With The Host

As you browse through the Lake Health and Wellbeing Fibroid Twitter Chats Archive you’ll discover a wide range of informative threads.  Topics such like, the emotional impacts of fibroids, nutrition, hormones and diet amongst many others.  We recently caught up with Lake Health and Wellbeing founder, Abi Begho to find out more.

Noire Wellness:  What made you decide to start the #FibroidsChat on Twitter?

Abi Begho:  Fibroids can be a very sensitive issue with many women with fibroids hesitant to discuss their situation, this is completely understandable.  But we’ve found that a significant number of women are suffering in silence, and therefore are not receiving the support and information they need.

Noire Wellness:  What is your organisation – Lake Health & Wellbeing doing to support women suffering in silence?

Abi Begho:  Our is aim to create multiple ways to raise awareness of the key issues that women face; how to address these issues; establish an environment where women feel comfortable to share their concerns; and provide the opportunity for women with fibroids to come together and connect with experts in the field.


Noire Wellness:  Accessing information and guidance about Fibroids is said to be quite a challenge for a lot of women, how do #FibroidsChat help improve this?

Abi Begho:  Our #FibroidsChat delves into issues that are not commonly discussed.  It enables women to share their experiences and provides women with the opportunity to access organisations and individuals working in the field.  They can put their questions to them, as well as gain some useful insight and information to successfully manage the impact of fibroids.  Thereby helping improve their health and wellbeing.

We hope that you will join in future #FibroidsChat with Lake Health and Wellbeing and encourage you to explore some of the other services they provide for women living with fibroids on their website which can be found at