Fibroid Series 2021

Fibroid Series 2021

Supporting Women in the African and Carribebean Diaspora

Have Fibroids affected your quality of life? Are you wondering about a holistic approach to managing your condition? Do you need more support in dealing with the impact of Fibroids?

The Fibroid Series 2021 health education programme will be delivered over 12 weeks through a carefully planned series of online sessions. Each session has been designed to present informative and engaging physical activities, seminars and live demonstrations to help manage and reduce the impacts of Fibroids.

Programme Breakdown

  • Week 1 - May 11
  • Week 2 - May 18
  • Week 3 - May 25
  • Week 4 - June 1
  • Week 5 - June 8
  • Week 6 - June 15
  • Week 7 - June 22
  • Week 8 - June 29
  • Week 9 - July 6
  • Week 10 - July 13
  • Week 11 - July 20
  • Week 12 - July 27

The Fibroid Series: Welcome & Induction - Candice Bryan

This session welcomes women onto the course where we meet & greet, explore what lies ahead for the coming weeks, discuss expectations, course outcomes and meet the team behind the Fibroid Series 2021.

An approach to identifying and managing fibroids from a General Practice perspective - Dr Kamilah Vidale-Ellis

This session will explore what are fibroids and the various types.  We’ll look at the symptoms, diagnosis-risk factors, causes, management and lifestyle measures and  explore secondary care.

Hormone Harmony: 5 Keys to Eating, Living & Being Well with Fibroids - Claudine J Thornhill

This session will take a holistic approach to explore the dietary and lifestyle contributors to hormone imbalance and fibroids. We'll look at how to address fibroids through a hormone balancing diet and a balanced lifestyle. Participants will leave with 5 practical tips that they can implement straight away to support their womb health both physically and emotionally.

Food Preparation Techniques & Healthy Eating For Fibroids Management & Reduction – Leah Salmon

There is a definite link between diet and the development, symptoms and management of fibroids. Learning how your diet could be helping or hindering your journey with fibroids is vitally important, yet cost effective and easy to implement. During this session, you'll discover the link between diet and fibroids. as well as foods, recipes, food preparation techniques and natural supplements that can support your journey.

Holistic knowledge of womb healing & womb yoga through movement- Charmaine (Heket) Murray

This session will be a combination of information about how to womb cleanse using nature's herbal medicine, movement through womb yoga to manage fibroids and balance out your hormones. We will cover diet and explore why is takes a holistic process to cleanse the womb.  A womb yoga practice to support to balance out feminine energies as well as get the body moving to aid in the womb cleansing process.

Global Fibroids Alliance (GFA)

A conversation with members of the Global Fibroid Alliance (GFA)

This workshop will be presented using a creative approach to look, listen, smell, taste and feel how and what our bodies might be telling us. Are we OK? Let's find out with Judy Nkechukwu - Dramatherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

'Knock knock; womb's there?' - Judy Nkechukwu

This workshop will be presented using a creative approach to look, listen, smell, taste and feel how and what our bodies might be telling us. Are we OK? Let's find out with Judy Nkechukwu - Dramatherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

Support Groups This session welcomes Fibroid Support Groups from across the UK to share important information about their services and how you can access further support.

Eliminate Toxins through Breath Therapy and Mindfulness - Imani Sorhaindo

Stress is one of the major contributors to toxic-overload, leading to oestrogen imbalances and fibroids. This workshop aims to introduce women to correct breathing techniques as part of a daily detoxification programme, and to introduce practical strategies to heal and transform lives through the power of mindfulness and breathwork.

Speak up and seek early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. – Elizabeth Amoaa 

This session delves into the world of the passionate Woman’s Reproductive Health Advocate Elizabeth Amoaa who shares her journey and why it’s incredibly important for women to speak up and seek early diagnosis.

To be announced soon

The Fibroid Series:  Closing & Evaluation - Abi Begho & Sandra Imazenobe

This final session brings the programme to a close with open discussions, a look back on how we met your expectations and the next steps for you.

Our Speakers

Leah Salmon

Founder of The Naturally You Coach

Best selling author, speaker, nutritionist & life coach & live blood analyst.

Judy Nkechukwu


Dramatherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

Imani Sorhaindo

Founder of KMT Rising Ltd

Imani Sorhaindo is a Qualified Holistic Health Practitioner and Fibroid Coach.

Charmaine Murray

Womb Health Practitioner

Womb health practitioner, Aromatheropist, Birth doula, pregnancy, baby yoga and infant massage teacher.

Claudine Thornhill

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

Claudine Thornhill is an award-winning, Forbes and BBC featured Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Wellness Coach.

Kamilah Vidale - Ellis

Forensic Medical Examiner

GP working in South London as well as a forensic medical examiner with the Havens

FREE Bonus Sessions:

Elizabeth Amoaa

Founder of Speciallady Awareness

Elizabeth Amoaa is a Woman Reproductive Health Advocate and Founder of Speciallady Awareness.

FREE Mental Health Support:

Natasha May Powell

Performance Coach & Registered Senior Occupational Therapist

A qualified Performance Coach and a Registered Senior Occupational Therapist with over 10 years of clinical experience in NHS helping individuals, young adults, elderly, groups within NHS, and international places such as Romania and Tanzania.

Olivia Haltman

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Details on Podio

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