7 health conscious wellness chefs you should know

We’ve learned of some fabulous health conscious chefs, nutritionists and cooks over the years and simply want to share some of these amazing talents with you.  Not least because, we’ve sampled most of their services.  But because we know there are many more who have yet to be discovered across the UK.

From bespoke dining experiences with an afro-fusion twist to hormone health reviews to curb that sugar craving with a dose of nutritional health interventions for older adults, these professionals are more than cooking up a storm!  Check out how they are specifically targeting a variety of groups to create a healthier nation through the love of food.

1. Tai Ibitoye – Enh Life

A Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Nutritionist & Public Health Advocate, Tai Ibitoye is an enthusiastic, advocate for good nutrition. With a background in Forensic Science and previous experiences within this field. She developed a passion for health and nutrition and decided to utilise her analytical skills obtained from her first degree to investigate the connections between diet and diseases.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Public health and member of the UK Faculty of Public Health. Tai has written insightful articles for The Huffington Post, including some of our reposted favourites! Interestingly, Tai is involved in projects focusing on older adults in the UK and implementing interventions to help improve the nutritional and health status of individuals within local and neighbouring communities of Hackney, East London.

Tai has previously ran cookbook clubs, where she educates people about the importance of healthy eating and it’s role in health. Also demonstrating how they can eat well on a budget and develop good cooking skills to make nutritious and delicious meals. Cooking Clubs resume in September 2018. Get further updates by subscribing to her site on www.enhlife.org.

2.  Le’Nise Brothers – Eat Love Move

Le’Nise Brothers is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and Founder of Eat Love Move, a nutrition and wellbeing practice.  Le’Nise started Eat Love Move to help women better understand their bodies and their hormones so they are able to take control of their health.  Le’Nise is on a quest for women, especially women of colour, to feel empowered when speaking to medical professionals about their health thereby creating better health outcomes.

Le’Nise specialises in working with women who want to get to grips with sugar cravings, mood swings and hormonal bloating & acne, as well as hormonal issues such as PMS, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, heavy, painful, irregular & missing periods, post-natal depletion & perimenopause.

To help women begin their journey, Le’Nise offers a complementary hormone health review where women can tell share their health concerns,  receive some tips & learn more about how to work with Le’Nise to improve their hormone health & manage their hormones.  Book your FREE HORMONE, HEALTH  & ENERGY REVIEW with Le’Nise now.

3.  Eric Tito – BOYT (Bespoke On Your Table)

With over 20 years in the food and catering industry, Head Chef Eric Tito sees bespoke healthy cuisine as his primary focus bringing afro-fusion fine dining to the tables of many.  His cooking philosophy is based on innovation, wellness and quality with inspiration from Africa and the Caribbean.

From corporate lunches and dinners to afro-fusion inspired wellness dishes for specific health conditions, Eric has an array of talents when it comes to an providing exquisite, professional high end dining experience.  He prides himself on delivering a bespoke fine dining experience which is incorporates educating diners, helping them to gain a better understanding of how to make healthier choices and know the benefits of ingredients specifically chosen for dishes created.

To help future generations serve up a bespoke and healthy dining experience, BOYT are set to launch programmes for young people to bring Bespoke On Your Table direct to you in 2019.  Follow BOYT on FaceBook to keep upto date!

4.  Simply Roar

Davis J Williams and Albert M Johnson are on a mission to dispel the myth that taste must be compromised in healthy foods and that it actually tastes beautiful!  The duo are making food more accessible and easier to reach for everyday people.  With their wide range of services they are well on their way to transforming the community to have a healthier lifestyle from a holistic approach.  The Simply R.O.A.R community vegan kitchen introduces members of the community to the concept of basic health, dimensions of wellness and we will provide practical strategies for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With too many loved ones losing their lives, health on the decline and a sense of powerlessness amongst the community, Simply R.O.A.R are empowering people to have better relationships with themselves, to be in tune with their self, value self and ultimately realign with self.  Every week community members explore overall wellness, goal setting, time and stress management, general nutrition, emotional health, and various ways of being.

Feed your body and your taste buds what they truly deserve and vibe with Simply R.O.A.R Vitality 12pm-7pm every Monday and Thursday at The V Spot 103 Church Rd, Church End & Roundwood, London NW10 9EG.

5.  Leah Salmon – The Naturally You Coach

Leah Salmon – The Naturally You Coach is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist & life coach, focusing on the needs of black women and mothers.  Leah started her work so that she could help people who’d been failed by the medical health system, by empowering them to take their health and life into their own hands, using healthy eating, natural remedies & personal development.

The focus of Leah’s work now is to help 100K black women with  womb health, pregnancy health and premature birth prevention, by encouraging them to eat for health, think for happiness & live in harmony by Dec 2020.

Leah believes this work is crucial because by empowering our women to rise, we can ensure our whole nation will be healed, as they say “A nation can rise no higher than it’s women”.  Visit The Naturally You Coach website to claim your FREE GIFTS to support your health journey, which also includes a beautiful FREE RECIPE EBOOK

6.  Claudine Thornhill – The Wellth Coach

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Claudine Thornhill is a true believer in the power of all of us to create the lives we want, including the health that we want. Her mission is to promote not only the benefits of leading healthy, vibrant and thriving lives, but also the means of creating that life through holistic and tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice and support.

Claudine empowers, motivates and supports female leaders be that entrepreneurs, techies, creatives, professional or women who are doing an excellent service of nurturing the next generation, to be in the best health that they can be with a particular focus on women’s health and hormonal balance, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention/ Pre-Diabetes, weight around the middle, stress and low mood. What underpins Claudine’s work is the belief that where women lead the rest of society follows.

Claudine’s wide range of services include one-to-one consultations, health and diet reviews, talks, workshops, online programmes and corporate services.  Visit her website to claim 25 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: YOUR FREE GUIDE

7.  Marcellus Allen & Karen Allen:  Jamma Rekk

Jamma Rekk is a family run business by partners Marcellus and Karen.  A fusion between two cultures, West African and Caribbean, but specifically Gambia and Barbados. Both Marcellus and Karen have a passion for food and have built their success on the creation of creative flavour combinations. At the heart of their business lays their sauces!

Jamma Rekk caters for anyone who loves their food and likes to try something new. They offer a fun and relaxed catering service for your events and always put the needs of the clients first. For all of you who like your sauces, watch this space as they’re set to launch their new sauce line later this year! Previously the sauces were only available via their market stalls and during private events.  With 3 deliciously sounding sauces on the way, Rum BBQ,  Jamma-nase and Pepper-Plum are set to give everything that little bit of Jamma!  Learn how to get saucy, cook with Jamma or be the first to hear about their new sauces by visiting their website here.