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Impacting, empowering and transforming the lives of the African Caribbean community living in West London


We support our partners to grow and develop their physical activity, sport, health and wellbeing projects. Sharing our knowledge and expertise across these evolving sectors we work with partners who share our mission.


We provide a range of evolving and enriching wellness experiences throughout the year. By engaging a carefully selected tribe of wellness professionals we have nurtured the provision of community wellness hub programmes.


Our strategic partnership group includes partners from a wide range of sectors including; health, wellbeing, education, local authorities, community groups, NGBs and more who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of African and Caribbean communities


We support wellness brands to increase their capacity for effective communication across cultural boundaries through the engagement, development and production of culturally appropriate health promotion graphics and speaking engagements.

“Cultural identity has everything to do with wellness” 

– Candice Bryan, Founder of Noire Wellness

Noire Wellness is a movement with the mission to impact, empower and transform the lives of African Caribbean communities living in the UK.

As an organization, the purpose is to become a progressive leader in wellbeing and reducing health inequalities, harnessing the power of leisure as the catalyst to join together to transform the African Diasporic community.



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Want to collaborate with Noire Wellness’ future events?

We are proud to work with the following brands that are bettering the Afrikan Diaspora community through

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