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Trends in dementia diagnosis rates in UK ethnic groups: analysis of UK primary care data

Publication Date:  August 2018

People from the black ethnic group had a higher incidence of dementia diagnosis and those from the Asian ethnic group had lower incidence compared with the white ethnic group. We estimated that black men developing dementia were less likely than white men to have a diagnosis of dementia, indicating that the increased risk of dementia diagnosis reported in the black ethnic group might underestimate the higher risk of dementia in this group.

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A Cluster-Randomized Trial of Blood-Pressure Reduction in Black Barbershops

Publication Date:  April 2018

Among black male barbershop patrons with uncontrolled hypertension, health promotion by barbers resulted in larger blood-pressure reduction when coupled with medication management in barbershops by specialty-trained pharmacists.

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Understanding the needs of women with fibroids.

Publication Date:  December 2014

The survey suggests that a significant number of women with fibroids do not have access to the support and information that they require. Lake Health and Wellbeing (formerly The Lake Foundation) will focus its efforts on addressing the gaps in the availability of information and support by developing a relevant support system for women, particularly black women, with fibroids.

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Healthy eating The African Caribbean way
Helping you take control of your blood pressure

Publication Date:  March 2007

People of African Caribbean descent are particularly at high risk or having stroke or heart attack.  Changes to the food that you eat, as well as other changes in your lifestyle, will help you to lower your blood pressure.

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Health Survey for England – 2004, Health of Ethnic Minorities.

Publication Date:  April 2006

The Health Survey for England is an annual survey of the health of the population. It has an annually repeating core accompanied by different topic modules each year. The focus of the 2004 report is on the health of minority ethnic groups with an emphasis on cardiovascular disease (CVD). The report also covers the behavioural risk factors associated with CVD such as drinking, smoking and eating habits and health status risk factors such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. For children the emphasis is on respiratory health.

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Understanding the Black British Leisure Experience:  Cultural identity, choice and constraints.

Publication Date:  June 2004

This research project has recognised the importance of cultural identity in the leisure experience of black cultures in Britain. It has explored how particular issues of unemployment and representation can influence the leisure opportunity and constraints faced by members of black communities. In this project, an attempt has been made to study the culture and circumstance of black communities and the possibility of effect in the quality of leisure experience.  Findings in the study suggest that the quality of leisure experience by members of the black community is affected by issues of structural, institutional and cultural racisms that exist within and outside leisure organisations.

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