Bringing balance to the wellness sector

Official Partners

Noire Wellness is committed to bridging the gap in wellness diversity across the globe.

‘One hand can’t clap’ (Old Jamaican Proverb) and so, we can only achieve this through support of our partners and service providers, to whom we are truly grateful.

We’re always on the lookout for wellness brands that share our mission, vision and values, and we currently work with some brilliant wellness brands.  Noire Wellness aim to showcase high quality partnerships that deliver tangible results for both the development of our hubs and the wellness experience of our guests.

BOYT (Bespoke On Your Table) with over 20 years experience in the food & catering industry, we’re proud to work alongside our wellness chef Eric Tito.  With a focus on traditional healthy eating, sourcing ingredients to correspond to our specific hub needs with an inspired afro-fusion twist is quite special!

Tanya Kay Beauty Lifestyle “Being well and balanced is giving importance to allowing your body to engage in it’s natural recovery.  Massage therapy and beauty treatments are not a luxury but a necessity for wellbeing” – Tanya Kay.  We are proud to partner with our official beauty brand who delivers first class treatments, leaving our guests feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for life again.

Lake Health & Wellbeing aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve through health promotion, public health interventions, encouraging early diagnosis, conducting culturally appropriate research and offering support to those with concerns about their health.  Campaigning for Fibroids alongside our amazing global partners has been an exciting journey so far!

BOYT Bespoke On Your Table
Tanya Kay Beauty Lifestyle
Lake Health & Wellbeing

Wellness Inclusion

We’re pursuing excellence through cultural diversity and welcome you to help bring balance to the business of wellness.

There is a lack of inclusion and diversity in the wellness industry. This means that as wellness brand owners and practitioners, it is our duty to change not only change the narrative and opportunities.  But to transform the experiences the guests we serve.

We’re nurturing a new partnership with our friends at Eve & Grace.  In a series of intimate invitation only events, there’s never been a more exciting time to take a seat at the table.

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We salute the movers & shakers…

Wellness brands, welltrepreneurs & industry thought leaders working hard toward a common goal.


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