Creating transformative wellness spaces.

Discover an evolving wellness experience…

Inspired by Africa and the Caribbean

It’s not often that roots and culture come together to provide a holistic and authentic wellness experience – but that’s exactly what you’ll find at our community wellness hubs.

We create transformative wellness spaces that combine health & fitness, spa therapy and learning environments rolled into one.

We pride ourselves on the recruitment & retention of exceptional wellness practitioners inspired by the rich traditions of Africa and the Caribbean.

What's On?


We invite you to experience a variety of fitness sessions & educational workshops that take you back to your roots for a more active and healthier you!

DID YOU KNOW? The burden of obesity in the UK is notable among Black African women (38.2 %) and Black Caribbean men (25.2 %) compared with the general population (23.2 % and 22.7 %, respectively.  (Sproston K, Mindell J. Health Survey for England 2004; the health of minority ethnic groups. London: The Information Centre; 2006.)


Taste our signature afro-fusion post-workout canapés and learn the art of natural healthy foods.

DID YOU KNOW?  Traditional African Caribbean dishes can be high in salt, which raises your blood pressure. People of African Caribbean descent are more sensitive to the effects of salt compared with other ethnic groups. (Blood Pressure Association. Eating Healthy The African Caribbean Way.  Helping You Take Control of Your Blood Pressure.  March 2007)


Relax and rejuvenate whilst reviving your connection with your natural vibration.

DID YOU KNOW? Black communities in the UK are still more likely than others to experience problems such as bad housing, unemployment, stress and racism, all of which can make people ill. (NHS Choices.  Live Well.  Black Health Issues. February 2017)