Inspired by tropical islands and the motherland

There’s a plethora of spaces across the globe that invites us to become more healthy, thousands of adverts on-line and in the real that show people being in their happy place, voice-overs that send messages to our brains about what it means to be well and on the narrative goes.

But when the colonialised world of wellness claims ownership over ancient holistic traditions that are repackaged and resold to the very cultures they originate, there’s a problem that needs solving…

We’re on a mission to ensure the wellness industry reflects truth and balance for the people that it serves. Our vision is to become a global leading wellness brand that provides an authentic African & Caribbean inspired wellness experience.

New solutions. New possibilities. New experiences.

Bringing balance to the business of wellness.

What we offer.

Creating transformative health and wellness spaces helping diverse communities be well.

Helping professional health & wellness brands gain more confidence, enhance their visibility and achieve financial success.

Supporting welltrepreneurs through a series of intimate events launching in 2018 to collaborate, connect and grow together.

Latest Statistics:  What’s the true picture?


African Caribbean people are 3x more likely than other group to develop type 2 diabetes.

Life Satisfaction

In 2013, almost 70% of Black British people reported the least average rating of life satisfaction.

Mental Health

Black men are 17x more likely to be diagnosed with a serious mental health illness than their white counterparts.

Childhood Obesity

Almost half of Black African children aged 10-11 were most likely to be overweight in 2015/16.

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