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Join a local community wellness hub to workout, replenish and relax the traditional way! Combining health & fitness, spa therapy and learning environments to create transformative wellness spaces.
New to the physical activity, sports development & wellness sector? Let’s help you find grounded solutions, explore new opportunities & expand your reach with our consultants, strategic partners & team of industry experts.
Join our growing network of wellness professionals helping African & African-Caribbean communities to be well! From well established life coaches, to newly qualified dance fitness instructors or young people looking to enter the wellness industry-get in touch!

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 Why Does Black Health & Wellness Matter?

We believe in cultivating traditions and responding to the needs of our community.


African & African-Caribbean communities are three times more likely than other groups to develop type 2 diabetes.

Life Satisfaction

In 2013, almost 70% of Black British people reported the least average rating of life satisfaction.

Mental Health

Black men are 17 times more likely to be diagnosed with a serious mental health illness than their white counterparts.


The prevalence of people living with diabetes in Harrow is the highest amongst any other London Borough.

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