We’re campaigning on issues that matter to us.  As a new start-up wellness brand, we’ve been championing the tackling of fibroids as our first campaign.

Fighting Fibroids

Sisters suffering in silence

“Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the womb.” (NHS UK)

We want to help improve the experiences of women living with fibroids & further contribute to a gap in knowledge about the condition which is said to develop more frequently in African-Caribbean women.

We believe that as a community we need to work collectively to address this silent rising battle that so many sisters are facing, often alone.  Through our work, we seek to demand breakthrough knowledge creation & learning whilst maximising the opportunity to advance research & insight by:

-Developing a community wellness hub, providing transformative wellness spaces providing informative & engaging physical activities, workshops & live demonstrations.

-Aligning our working practices to national campaigns on fibroids, womb health conditions and gynaecological conditions.

-Actively raise awareness through our community consultancy, speaking engagements & media broadcasts.

We know many sisters battle this condition in silence.  We will use our expertise, collaborations with partners & enlist support from our network to reduce the impact of fibroids in the community.

What we’ve done so far:  Collaborative Partnerships,  Community Wellness Hub, Caribbean Retreat (2019), International Women’s Month 2018, Speaking Engagements.

We’re #PressingForProgress with #Fibroids during #IWD2018.  Get involved here.